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I skipped a single class for the first time in a year this morning. I woke up with a shudder to hear the horribly butchered version of Fur Elise that my alarm clock plays, and as I silenced the blasted contraption, I realized that goddammit, I really wanted to go back to bed. So I stood there for a minute or two, pondering. In the end, I decided that I had yet to miss a class in this entire school year despite sickness or other events, so why not "reward" myself for my good discipline ...? I went back to bed, slept for two more hours through the rest of my cramps, and felt better afterwards.

I've been meaning to write about the concert I attended last week, but for a variety of reasons it has either been omitted or forgotten. The experience has been relegated to the realm of short-term memory, so I'd better get down what little I remember before it's all gone.

I'm not much of a concert-goer. I hate loudness, and I hate crowds of people. But I paid my ten dollars and went, because I have developed a theory this year that if friends ask you to do something, you should do it unless you have a really good reason why not to.

12 Stones and Theory of a Deadman opened for 3 Doors Down, a group known for their song "Kryptonite." I was disappointed completely by 12 Stones ... they sounded like everyone else who tries to sound like someone else, and I found that every song was visually the same - hop, scream, and hold your pants up. The lead singer also engaged in some singing "techniques" that bug the hell out of me in any context - I have never understood how drawling out your words in an angsty, pseudo-nasal method lends emotion to the music, and never will.

Theory of a Deadman was better (the lead singer has more raw talent), but the volume increased even more - so much so, my pants were vibrating as I stood still. The fabric was practically twitching, as was the awkward sea of bodies in the rows before me. Legs in the air, heads in the seats - crowd surfers were tossed and thrown from one side to another, grinning all the while with meaningless enthusiasm. You are all built by the same machine, my friends ... even the bands you so adore are results of the mechanations of others, not just their own efforts.

Rumor has it that 3 Doors Down is not an exceptional live-performance group, and that the band had also been sending college students out to buy them cheap beer. Whether the latter is true or not, it seemed fairly apparent that the lead singer was either half dead, not fully "there," or just was an average singer - or maybe all three. It's somehow sad when a song is more impressive on radio than it is in person. If any of you ever get the "chance" to attend a 3 Doors Down concert, I fully recommend that you consider spending your money elsewhere.

This entry has been sitting around in one form or another for too long (basically, since last Tuesday!), so I'm going to just be done with it and post away.

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