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29 April 2003 @ 11:50 pm
Man, do you smell that?  
I leave my windows open when the weather is nice, because I like to air out my room every now and then (and it gets horribly hot in here otherwise). This smell, however, is anything but fresh. But it is what it is, and ... well, it's not purple or green, and I'm not going to keel over and die, so my windows are staying open. ::cracks up:: It almost smells like peanut butter to me, right now.

Monday Night Dreamin' ...
I had to fight Godzilla in a movie theatre.

Yes, a yellow and orange striped movie theatre. And I had to do it with materia, but the materia was junctioned with my Playstation controller rather than some sort of weapon (and the controller was made out of tulle for the first round, for some odd reason).

For the first go around, I was managing fine until we got on these raised platforms and we were told that if we fell, we had to start all over again. I decided that my materia wasn't good enough, and that I really should have something more useful so that I wouldn't have to revert to physical attacks. And so! I jumped off to start over again (akin to restarting the console, I suppose, but thereby gaining time to rearrange my materia).

I went and ducked into a side theatre and held the door shut with my body, trying to pick what would have the most effect against a giant lizard. nyxdae came by, wondering where Godzilla had gone, and as we spoke inside the side theatre, Godzilla himself stormed past, heading towards the main lobby. As he went around the corner, I dashed out of the theatre and back into the room we were fighting in. Godzilla returned, but in order to delay the battle (I think), I claimed that we had to be in the proper positions (Godzilla did not agree). So after a bit of me dodging the toothy end of Godzilla, we finally got ourselves ready for another round.

Godzilla, annoyed (can giant lizards be annoyed?), took a running leap of doom at me. Raising my hands in shock, I screamed "DUCK!!" and I did, and as a result he missed by a wide margin. He rammed into the wall behind me so hard, he knocked himself out. Fans of Godzilla went running over, shouting his name over and over again. Want to know what his name was?

David! LOL

Yesterday, I auditioned for next year's choir. I'm not really sure how it went ... since I am not a music major and do not prepare for juries, I had no special song for me, and I had to sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee." This isn't bad, exactly ... at least I remember all the words to it, all the time (I can't say the same for that one audition where I forgot the words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"), but it isn't a song that shows off my voice, you know? Eheh.

So I walk in, and one of the directors asked me if I was singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee." I grinned and replied "Yes I am!" with much gusto, which amused all present. Apparently, they like to hear that kind of attitude! I sang the same verse twice as instructed, but I did not have to go through the sight-reading portion of the audition (probably because I am not a music major). I was almost disappointed about the sight-reading ... almost. But I've never really enjoyed sight-reading, so I was also kind of relieved. ^_^;

Though I do not know yet, I'm pretty sure that they'll let me in. I'm positive, helpful, and dedicated - I'm always there, my voice isn't too bad, and I'm pretty reliable with music. I hope I get in again. ::hope hope hope::

We drew drag queens in art today. Yes, there were two of them, all glammed up for us - one even did a bit of karaoke for us to do gesture studies with! He had very dark lipliner on, but his lips were pale - it exaggerated the movements of his mouth wonderfully.

I went in with the attitude that no matter what happened, I was going to have fun - I mean, come on ... how often do you get to draw stuff like this? No matter how bad my drawings were, or what was said, I was going to enjoy doing what I was doing, goshdarnit.

So I drew the one wearing an orange satin outfit with a large, raised yellow/red flame-like collar, who was adorned with large faux diamonds and a huge tiara (not to mention a platinum blond beehive). I was having a good time for awhile, I think. My fingers are still stained with the remnants of a really nasty color I cooked up as a side-effect of my drawing - complementary colors and yellow will lead you to this odd little gray-green brown.

Lyle (my professor) noticed how I had made the skin very dark in comparison to the rest of the picture (the base of the flesh was blue, and I built up colors like black, pink, white and peach on top of that ... the rest of the drawing was all warm hues). There wasn't really much I could do about this blue base at that point - erasing would have been completely ineffective, because I had stained the color right into the paper. He said that in future efforts, I should work on leaving the flesh light with hints of color, rather than letting it become "preponderously heavy."

I'm glad he talked to me (he's starting to try again), but this time around, I just kind of want to laugh. While I admit that my initial selection of colors was rather random and completely without intent to represent, I had kind of grown to think that they fit what I was portraying ... there was a quality of heaviness to these people, something somehow sad, and dark, about these (wo)men. Maybe I say that because I don't understand them ... but that's what their expressions communicated to me.

I really need to go to bed. XD It would be too odd if I missed another class, and also unforgivable!
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Current Music: Record of Lodoss War - Kiseki no Umi
livinghole on April 29th, 2003 10:01 pm (UTC)
You did meet David yesterday... They also say you dream of what you're thinking of in your subconscious... You should remember that presentation during Freshman Focus. Unless you were entirely intent on your drawings...

So yeah... =Þ
One Who Wanders: dorkyabiona on April 30th, 2003 03:30 pm (UTC)
Eh, for the most part, my mind was SO not on Freshman Focus while said event was occurring.

I have a pretty screwy subconscious, then. o_O lol