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The annual ceramics sale was the other day, and I stopped by to see what pieces people had decided they could give up, or weren't worth keeping for their portfolio. People never put their best things out for others to buy ... the mouse without an ear, the bowl with a tilt ... these are the things you will find.

I purchased one of the "Army of Owls" for fifty cents ... when they were first in a show, I had admired the dark red ones. But only the whites and grays were out, so I made up my mind to find a beautifully flawed one. Mine is an ivory-gray with crackled glaze, and small spots of raspberry red on the top of his head.

I also looked through the shoebox filled with broken, disliked, or messed up tiles for a quarter only. And I purchased one, because I find its shortcomings beautiful. Unlike the others in the box, it is rectangular, just wide enough to feel comfortable in my hands. Its weight and thickness appeal to me, as do the mottled hues with which it has been stained. A dot of glaze burned, it has been dropped and a corner chipped off - yet these flaws are striking. The marks are those that one makes out of boredom, scratching meant to take up time you can't think of how to spend. But I like them. The smooth, unglazed underside has the tone of an eggshell, fingerprints, and smudges of smoke. The corners are covered with clotted glaze, a result of its sitting in its own covering.

I find this beautiful, I find it pleasing. It is both rough and smooth, unintentionally wonderful. This was put in a shoebox of failures to sell for a quarter.
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