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pictureful post

Want to see more?

If you want to hear the story/info behind any of these images, just ask. The photographer was nyxdae, the subjects abiona, hypertechie, and jealdi.

More RO screencaps up. I have RO rantages and positivages (?), but they escape my mind at the moment, and I have yet to decide if most of them are worth writing about. As usual, you meet many good people via RO, and many tactless idiots as well. The hunter in ihateyoutoo.jpg (in the 051103 folder) bothers me a lot, though, because I think he's focusing his anger on a mostly innocent subject (I think I am safe in guaranteeing you that no newbie signed up thinking "oh gosh, let's make lag for every old-timer!").

Being that the hunter is one of the 10,000+ people playing RO, he is just as much at fault for the lag as is any newbie. If he should hate anyone, he should hate the people (including second classed folks, no group is innocent in this regard) who stay on RO, even though they are extremely afk (see the dead sleepers). All have equal rights to play on the iRO servers, regardless of whether they started back in Alpha, p2p Beta, or this particular beta stage.

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