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Some scholastic efforts have proved to be disappointing, the grades received are less than expected. My final portfolio in figure drawing yielded a C+, while I got an A- in class voice, of all things. I expect that may be due to the fact that I gave one of the professors quite a bit of trouble, as you might recall. Some scholastic efforts have given return, such as the A in choir (HAH!), and the A in Physiology of Space (which I never had any doubt of, and which he assured me about).

I'm in a different dorm now until the 22nd ... if I thought my prior one had its faults, it now looks very nice to my eyes. I feel like I'm living in a dirty hotel. XP I haven't seen black linoleum with white marbeling since my high school decorated in the 1940s.

My father disappoints me. He truly didn't pay for my independent study course, and I had to drop it. Well, technically speaking, I dropped it. I still intend to go through the coursework with the teacher, but I won't receive any of the three credits possible for it.

You are BRUCE LEE - legendary ass kicker. You know
how to get in and out of any situation, no
matter how tricky. People give you lots of
space and respect or suffer your wrath.

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