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Electricity, I love you!

Yes, friends, today is indeed my birthday. A very merry unbirthday goes to those who wished me a happy birthday, and a special thanks goes to nyxdae, livinghole, and hypertechie. Don't worry, Mom, today wasn't spent in total isolation. I wore the strawberry dress that hypertechie gave me, we ordered pizza in class, and nyxdae came to visit - she even took me off-campus for dinner at the new IHOP.

Knowing that this summer session is ending tomorrow, I find myself somewhat saddened because I am enjoying the class (the subject is "The Atomic Bomb in Film and History"), and find the professor both intelligent and amusing. He speaks Japanese, has lived in Japan, and is quite matter-of-fact with student thoughts (in a positive way, he tears down no one). I was quite impressed that he's read into the subject of anime, and that he did not overlook the importance of animation nor cast it off because it was animation. We watched Barefoot Gen on Monday, actually! It was something that I'd been looking forward to ever since I got the syllabus, and I wasn't disappointed. Days later, I still see images of that film in my mind, and I think it has impacted some of my art, as well.

Remember how my father refused to pay for my independent study course this summer ...? I had intended to do the work anyway, simply not receiving credit for it, because in a way I felt it important to prove my father wrong, and/or to use the fact that I had done this work anyway as leverage in future similar situations. I had thought that this wouldn't bother anyone, because I would tell my teacher when I met with her in person that she didn't really have to check up on me frequently, or anything - minimum of effort for everyone else required. Sadly, this is not to be. I revealed that I was no longer registered to that teacher before our meeting, and she said "nope," and that was that. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't told her. Then again, that wouldn't have worked, because I would've felt bad about lying.

I'm going home tomorrow, with my father. I assume he'll be happier about moving me out, since much of my stuff is already gone (my mother and stepfather visited last week and hauled it all off in the truck). I'll probably fall asleep on the way.


It begins again!

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