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beak is not snorkle

This entry has been sitting my little LJ client since ... oh, probably Friday, I think. I have, however been muchly distracted by moving home (though not yet unpacking)/Ragnarok Online/Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker/papers on the atomic bomb/sleeping/stuff.

When rumors of the Cel-da style first began to air, I raised an eyebrow and kept on admiring the look of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. As more images became available, I whined that Link had no nose, and by God, his legs were so short! It was a little noseless Link midget, not my handsome savior of Hyrule!

Though I had this deep-seated sentiment against Cel-da, I still wanted to play the game anyway (I'm a devoted fan of the series, I like to think). The "grand opening" came and went, and I had no GameCube, but I allowed myself to be amused by watching others play parts of it at Walmart ("You can pick up the pigs!"). When I returned home after my birthday last week, I finally got both as my gift/payment for work/etc.!

Thus far, I really like Wind Waker. I was highly skeptical of Cel-da at first (as I mentioned), but now I've been swayed. Everything is masterfully and imaginatively done in this fanciful, playful mood, and I am very impressed by the movement of the enemies. You can steal the necklaces that Moblins wear, and when they realize that you've done it, they gasp in shock!

The one family on Link's home island has a pig, which grows massive in the time that you are gone. They name this mountain of porcine flesh after you, the soul who snuck up behind it and caught it when it was still a young little wisp of a thing. When you return to the island, they talk about the pig's habits to you, noting that it really likes bait and will dig deep in the ground if you give it some.

Well, I am vastly amused because I wasn't thinking, and named Link "Anne" when I began the game, so the family was talking about how stupid Anne was for being turned on by bait. Heh.

The other day, we went to IHOP, because I am a breakfast food chick. The waiter who served us went and got me three completely new pancakes for me to take home, entirely of his own volition.

nyxdae, the purple fuzzy frog has been named Otto, and is now considered a Literary Muse along with Olivert the Owl (who, sadly, is still in a box somewhere, as I haven't really unpacked at all).

For some reason, I still cannot connect to any Hostrocket FTP-thinger and thus cannot update Hammerspace or my family's website. It's been this way for awhile (domkitty will tell you), and as people pay money for it, I'm beginning to raise an eyebrow. I'm going to email someone soon and ask some questions. >.<

All three of my Chaos characters are in silvermask's Revolution guild, which basically consists of ... well ... me, myself, and I, and Silvermask. When he plays on Chaos, that is. Parsley is "Insanity," Ginx is "Have Heart," and kowaiyo has been accurately labeled as "Evil Acolyte."

I had a number of good RO experiences the other day. kowaiyo's gone into a "cuter" mode, as I discovered that I could afford the circlet I've wanted since my days in Beta1 (that, and certain people were giving me flak for my pink hat. : P). I found a group of assassins and a blacksmith hanging around and actually using proper punctuation, so I sat down and had a chat with them.

But I had a number of bad RO experiences that day too. When I left Prontera, I saw a Wizard making a circle of ice, and I dashed through a gap. I thought I'd sit and talk with him until the ice went away, which seemed like a nice way to spend time to me.

In less than thirty seconds, this is what I got:
Wizad_Rozz : get out of my pic
Wizad_Rozz : leave
Wizad_Rozz : ;\
Wizad_Rozz : FUK YOU

Then he got up and walked off. With lag, no way I could leave that fast. I didn't even know he was taking a picture, and he certainly didn't give me a chance to say "sorry." XP FUK YOU, MAN!

Chances are he'll never see this, but I'd like to wish a whole-hearted and rather pissy FUCK YOU to the idiot who MISSED THE DAMN PORTAL I MADE and then proceeded to harrass my friends and me endlessly! I am neither a scammer, nor a liar, nor stupid, and neither are the friends I was sitting with. I'm not going to go into more details of the event for you folks, sorry. I will only say that 1.) I'm never teleporting anyone I don't know ever again, and 2.) no idiot can stop me from leveling up my aco.

And now, I must conclude, or this may hang around for yet another week.

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