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Both good and bad.

livinghole came to visit yesterday, and for some reason, time seemed short. We played Wind Waker (of course), and apparently I deafened him with my shrieks during boss fights. XD I don't care how weird I may seem for getting so into the games I play, because it makes it all the more amusing for myself and others around me. Take, for example, the one snowboarding game I played with nyxdae and another friend. I have found that staying on the course is indeed challenging, but somersaulting down a nearly vertical slope is so much more funny and fun.

Perhaps due to hormones or vaguely gray skies, I'm reaching one of my moods where I am inclined to give up on the cause of being nice to other people. The other day, when I was cleaning up in preparation for livinghole's visit, I came across a Genie figurine that I've had since Disney's Aladdin first came out, long ago. I think this thing has moved with me to all three houses in which I have lived.

When I joined AGV and met Cx, I had always intended to give it to him. I remembered his icon, and I thought he would get a kick out of something so small. But of course, since distance, other committments, and other reasons on both of our parts prevented our ever meeting, the figurine found its way into the untouched recesses of my cabinets.

There it remained. He came and went, and the figure lay hidden in a drawer, hidden in the back of my mind. Until I found it. Feeling silly and somehow sad, a vague smile passed my face - what terms we have parted under ... I turned it over in my hands, remembered once again the blue Genie icon. And I put that doll in the Goodwill pile, and it has gone away from me now - hopefully someday it will find a happier home and meaning, someone who wants to give it away for happiness, and someone who wants to have it.

Another way to say good-bye.

I don't get it. Finally annoyed and really wanting to do some work on Hammerspace, I emailed a support request to Hostrocket. This is what was sent:

For the past two months or so, we have been unable to access our Hostrocket files via SmartFTP. When we attempt to connnect, we receive this message:

Resolving host name Connecting to ( A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. Cannot login waiting to retry... Continue to login attempt 2... Connecting to (

This continues indefinitely. A friend of mine also has a site hosted by Hostrocket (, and she has many hostees on her site who are unable to access their files as well. If I have not given adequate information, please email me, and I will attempt to fill in what you need.

This url is what I was emailed back:

Huh? How does that help? If my HTML was super-screwy and messed up the FTPs of two sites, rendering them unusable for people in different states and countries, then why was I able to connect so long ago? Why is it dead now? I'm confuuuuuuuused. x_x

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