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Tomorrow, I dub thee Productivity Day.


Now that the Hostrocket FTPs are functional, I finally got through most of the backlog of work I had planned for Hammerspace. Next up, getting up to date with my unscanned/uncolored doodles! Also on the platter, dealing with the family website (apparently I am too easily distracted, or perhaps my short-term memory is becoming extremely unreliable). In the short-term future, I plan on looking for more art sites to do link exchanges with, and ask those who I have already contacted to update the Hammerspace banner they have (because they've gotten a LOT better from when Hammerspace first began).

In sweet, sweet RO revenge, I beat Choco twice today ... though sadly, I did not capture a screenshot either time. I was too busy beating that blasted monkey upside the head. XD You see, I was tanking for a merchant friend, and all was going well until Choco showed up. He killed the merchant, and I fought valiantly but eventually perished. We respawned, and we trekked back to where we had seen him. When we finally spotted him again, I sent my merchant friend through the nearest portal, and made a beeline for Choco! I was able to avenge our deaths.

The second time around, a Knight helped me out. This meant no dying while fighting and having to come back to finish the job. XD

I have decided to try return to my nocturnal habits for the summer months (at least, while I have no morning obligations). It would seem the way that I am "constantly" playing RO is annoying other family members, so the easiest way to rectify the situation would be to be awake when all others are asleep (though I will get raised eyebrows when I answer truthfully that yes, I was up until four/five a.m.).

I am enjoying online solitude right now, for I am not yet lonely and annoyed by myself. I lack good stories to tell because I am currently living the life of a loser. Go me.

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