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Rumor has it that I'm twenty, not twelve.

I'm beginning to get annoyed with my inability to view images on certain sites (my own now ranks in that unfortunate number). For example, I cannot view any gallery on while working on my computer (and Marvin alone, it seems). Nor, for some odd reason, can I see any link banner on my site other than my own. All other images work on Hammerspace - the index image, the art thumbnails, my buttons ... but the banners for other sites, I just can't see. This is extremely frustrating to me. (Random note - I can't see banners on either. WEIRD! What does Marvin have against banners??)

I have to wonder if its because of this Norton thingie that I have set up (I cannot log into DeviantArt because of it, it seems). But the thing is, I don't want to turn Norton off entirely. I just don't know how to really customize what it does, and that's annoying.

I'm going through my links and link exchanges, and I've found that many people who once linked me do so no longer. I must rectify this situation in the future. I am finding sites that are linking to Nairohe's site, so that makes me happy.

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