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Still 12 and 20.

Yesterday saw me down in the dumps, reaching its lowest point at around one a.m. or so when I couldn't sleep, and as I realized that although I am no longer angry over certain situations, I'm still not over them. I felt as though I had failed to prove myself, and I felt still as though "for all my potential, I turned out to be quite ordinary." I felt horrible about myself, thought I was annoying all about me by being a useless blob of a kid. I am still easily impacted by the opinions of others.

Some people think it odd that my habit every morning is to take a nice hot shower, instead of drinking a nice hot cup of coffee (the fact that I hate the taste of coffee seems odd too). But I've discovered that I am a happier person when I take daily showers, because otherwise I start getting extremely disgusted with my appearance - in particular, I hate the feel and lay of of unclean hair. I would've been an awful person to live with in the Middle Ages. XD

Filling out job applications, tralala. I met a kid from my high school graduating class while at Barnes and Noble today. The long hair he now sports sent me for a loop, but I figured out pretty quickly who he was when he recognized me almost immediately.

It seems as though when in kindergarten, I did not want to learn how to tie my shoes because I had velcro, which I was perfectly satisfied with thankyouverymuch. This relates to my current situation: I can't drive, and I don't really care. I feel no strong need to drive, and my reason(s) for learning are purely practical - it will make it easier to travel.

Ashcroft is Creepy

Niiiice image selection there. XD

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