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Guess what? I own whore shoes!

My grandfather is lost in his graveyard. I was never close to him and was never very fond of him, but for some reason, I was struck by this. My father couldn't find where my grandfather was buried, somewhere under the green grass behind the gate that I thought was once half of a castle.

I am having horrible luck with electronics lately. As some of you know, I recently misplaced the remotes for both my television and DVD-player (they did come home with me, but where they are is an unanswered question). I can easily live without a TV remote, but I find the DVD remote is necessary for selecting options on DVDs (as, oh, say ... wanting to listen to the Japanese language track).

So I've been lazy (I'm not spending my life looking for a remote) and have gotten by using my PS2 to play DVDs. This has been (for the most part) successful. Yesterday, however, I decided that I wanted to play Hellsing (I was in the mood for some crazy Arucard action). When I stuck the DVD in my PS2, it wanted (gasp) a password to temporarily change settings to level 8, or something. I cannot remember ever setting a password to this damned machine, and so I sat for a while imputting various numbers (totally unsuccessfully). Since I haven't found my manual to fix this problem yet, I can't watch Hellsing with my PS2, and only in English with my DVD player. Normally I wouldn't mind, but I really like Arucard's Japanese voice ... XD

I'm worried about choir. I think I wrote awhile ago that when I auditioned, I didn't have to sightread anything. I had assumed that this was because I was a non-music major, but several friends shook their heads and couldn't figure out why they hadn't made me sightread. They told me that during the summer, the directors would send a letter telling you what choirs you were being considered for, and music ... but I've received nothing yet. Admittedly it is only June ...

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