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Completely Useless Post

rynamyn 98%
maguamaru 98%
shippo 95%
vilaeth 95%
pixiesboy 95%
slackersaint 94%
thrames 92%
soraphilia 92%
zamiel 91%
nac 91%
erikadoor 90%
kokoryta 89%
drunkontea 88%
miwasatoshi 88%
azora 88%
sprocket21 87%
guardiandiesel 86%
antitype 86%
driley1 85%
cometeoraine 85%
jean 84%
vanima 84%
gilliamii 84%
tsukiflower 84%
odheirre 83%
czircon 83%
locke_no_miko 80%
tsukitty 80%
nanikore 79%
pussymilk 77%
phantasmrose 72%
splurgegirl 54%
How compatible with me are YOU?

People like numbers, but I'm not too fond of them. They make it far too easy for us to evaluate things by a scale that can only go two ways. We use numbers as an offense and a defense; we form bridges and barriers based on numbers, and sometimes we rely on them far too heavily.

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