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Tomorrow there is a graduation party that my family has been invited to attend, but I will not be going with them (though the families have known each other "since forever"). One of the easier reasons to say is that because I've been out of the public school system for two years now, I no longer am familiar with a majority of the students at that school (and have no drive to talk to them, either). Though the faculty will surely remember me ... I have little that I wish to discuss with them, and therefore I conclude: I will feel alienated and consider the party a massive waste of time.

But that isn't really the main reason why I'd rather not go. Point blank, I never liked the graduating girl when I was in frequent contact to her, and time has done nothing to change that (although my hatred has cooled significantly, there is no positive emotion regarding her). She always came off as rather selfish to me, a princess who thought too highly of herself, someone who always got what she wanted. I heard that she failed to get into Juilliard, and though I am not jumping for joy over that fact ... I must admit that I feel somehow vindicated. Somewhere in the back of my mind, a grudge that I really shouldn't still be bearing wants to say to her, "see, you're not perfect. You're no angel. Get over the name, stop seeking bragging rights."

Still no regular job. It seemed like a very close call at Office Depot, but unfortunately they were looking for someone who could stay throughout the winter months (sorry O.D., I'm not able to do a 10 hour commute for you). I haven't been called back by anyone else ... will go out again tomorrow and seek applications, the first doorway to that now mythical thing, the "summer job."

It's kind of funny trying to fill out all the applications ... because I've never actually been fired from any of the jobs that I have held (and in fact, am technically still employed by two). What is my reason for leaving the Alumni and Development Center ...? Why, I haven't left, it's just summer. Why did I leave the museum? Well, I didn't really, they just don't have enough money to have me in as regularly as they used to. They'll call me in when they need me.

Apparently, the museum is holding one of their annual events this Friday (I'm out of the loop). Since I am not going to the graduation party and instead am spending time with my father (gak), I risk attending it. If I find him turning towards those familiar streets, I will probably scream - no money in it for me, absolutely no reason to be there. I've never liked working those events or the days after ... drunken old guys following me about and counting what seems like millions of wet smelly little red tickets just isn't a way I like to spend my time. I also hate cleaning up after other people, no matter how well I do it.

etoileeyes and I are trying to get a table at Otakon's Artist Alley. This is the first time either of us has done such a thing, so I'm finding myself constantly rereading the page of information on it and reassuring myself that we're going about this correctly. XD; I have to wait for the people to email me back, then send in my money and form, and get one of those thingies so we can sell stuff, and and and and ... oh yes, I need to put some serious drawing time in. July will be dedicated to drawing. And dammit, I need a regular job ...

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