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The Girl Who Remembered to Update

So, continuing in my long line of getting the "classics" seemingly ages after their initial release, I obtained Super Smash Brothers: Melee the other day. As a result, I am firmly convinced that the option to play in slow-mo completely makes the game, and the Bunny Hood is a wonderful feature that I wish I could have my characters wear permanently.

Most of you know that I dislike Princess Zelda with a passion for her inability to save herself when most necessary in Ocarina of Time, and also for the fact that she coasted through a burning, collapsing building while wearing a white dress: against the laws of every universe, her pristine outfit suffered no burns, scorches, smudges, blood marks, pummeling rocks, nothing. (She does however get captured - again - right while you're trying to escape, and you must hack down two Stalfos ASAP to get her out.) Even worse, she waltzes right past a ReDead right before the exit from the building - and guess who the ReDead leaps on? Yes, that's right, me. (And then the building collapses on me ... thanks so much!)

They made her cooler in Smash Brothers: Melee, probably because she has to be able to kick some ass in order to survive (and it seems to me that Nintendo was also trying to intrigue female gamers). I've decided that I can tolerate her as long as she is not wearing the white/pink of our OoT tower troubles, because her "electric" attacks are cool. (Though without her magic she'd just about be useless, I still wish that Link would've been given Farore's Wind/Nayru's Love/Din's Fire, because who went to the trouble of obtaining those in OoT? Link!)

Despite my past history, Zelda is my best character, followed by Peach. Doubtless I'd get trounced by more experienced players, but I'm doing ok for right now.

I am vastly amused by Peach's array of weapons (golf club baby!), and even more amused by the fact that Kirby can get a little Link hat if he swallows - dun dun- Link.

jaekyu: I'm convinced that Nintendo's next controller will be a rubik's cube

We've all been doing that "what does my LJ name mean" thing, and I'm no exception (I like amusing things, and I was amused). I do not, however, feel like posting the whole thing in here, so I will just recount the most amusing bits to you:

Job: Most Hated Person in the World - Ever/Despot
Temperament: Steely
Likely To Win: A Duel with Pistols (twice over, actually)
Me - In a Word: Devious/Genius

I had some horribly ugly colors, but it looks like I am cut out to be a good dictator after all.

Since it is the summer and I lack a job that would more profitably occupy my time, I finished the new Harry Potter book in under twenty-four hours (and yes, I slept). There's some British slang that hasn't yet filtered its way into the average American's vocabulary ... and no, I am not going to tell you who dies. Nothing shall pass my lips, read the book for yourself!

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