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Love modern-day society.

What, I ask you, is the point of a "muffin bar" ...?

Nutrigrain has provided me with my first encounter with the strange hybrid creature, which is thick and rectangular (but very short, there's not much there). A cross between a granola bar and a muffin, apparently, this treat is supposed to be soft and satisfying for the entire family.

You can fit more of them in a little rectangular box.

It isn't really a muffin.

... I'll let you ponder these facts for yourselves.

When I dream, it is not uncommon for the old houses to have two stairways - a main, "grand" staircase, and a "back" one. I find myself using the back one more often or not. In this case ... I went upstairs to "my room" and found a stack of children's books, coloring books, and "antique" books and records blocking the door.

I moved only what was necessary to gain access into my room, and replaced the top of the pile which had been disturbed. When inside, I found that it had been ages since last I had hidden in here ... it was like an attic, and the dark wood floor was covered with dust. None of the antique light fixtures worked ... I tried them one by one, and though the last one seemed to flicker brighter, it failed as well.

(According to this source ...)

Of unusual beauty
does not want to impress
well-developed sense of justice
a born diplomat
but irritate and sensitive in company
often due to a lack of self-confidence
acts sometimes superior
feels not understood
loves only once
has difficulties in finding a partner.

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