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job update

Orientation occured last night. I may have laughed too much during the videos about shoplifting ... at one point, the "female employee caught shoplifting" was talking about how she had really been looking forward to her job (at Value City, one imagines), that there were a lot of opportunities for her, and now that she'd been caught that was all gone.

I just about cracked up, which was probably not the reaction the creators of the video were anticipating. And I realized that although this is a job that I am grateful for, and need very much ... there is one thing I don't like about it. I have never envisioned myself working retail. And I haven't really, until now.

My parents have not (in my lifetime) been involved in retail ... my father has worked for the state government ... my mother has made a pledge to herself to only work for not-for-profit organizations. As a result, I followed them there - I volunteered and later worked at places like the local museum and dance studio.

I don't see "a future" in retail, at least not one that I am searching for. Climbing the ladder of retail seems to me a path to a life of perpetual stress - though my ability to "paste a smile on my face and wear it proudly" is valued in retail, my unwillingness to try to sell someone something that they don't need isn't. The fact that I dislike outright competition would probably keep me forever from the top spots.

Day One
I clocked in a little bit before two, and left a little bit before ten.

After listening to my supervisor read through another packet and pretending to be customers and whatnot, I was told to run register 11 while AJ, my fellow new cashier compatriot, was on 13. A lady named Sue was my trainer ... but AJ's trainer Matt amused me far more, because he looks somewhat like Mr. Bean. He's younger and cuter as a result, but ... I can't quite shake the fact that he just ... I dunno!

He is apparently quite amused by my habit of waving when I greet customers. Whenever he catches my eye, he'll say "Hi Anne!!" and wave at me, pretending to be me ... he says I've started everyone waving when I've only been there one day. It's amusing to have waving fights across the aisles.

Everyone was nice to me. None of the customers were a pain, and since somebody else counts my register at night, closing is amazingly easy. I had more work at the museum. I'm good at cleaning up after other people and good at looking like I'm happy to see them, so I seem to fit in well.

More information will have to wait. I'm tired, and far too distracted with other things.

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