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I am a fool ...

... and yet I still feel logical. Perhaps this is something I exude - people often think of me as a very rational individual, only to find that I often prefer more intuitive routes of discovery and thought. They find out later that my perpetual state of calm in online forums is the result of logical conclusion, and may not necessarily be my true mood. Some individuals seem to think that if you don't say it, then "it" either doesn't exist or you're just avoiding "it." I, however, prefer to think that there are times and places for everything, and bitching someone out in public may not be the best way to come to terms with a person. XD;

I wonder if part of the reason why communications often become so very skewed in the online world is because the participants lack a better means of attempting to achieve a state of inner or outer balance. The anonymity of the Internet gives many people increased power with which they do not deal well ... this is a problem and becomes a problem for others because individuals have not yet become in balance with that sort of situation. For those used to feeling out of control, there is nothing there to compare their newfound strength to. Is strength equal to control? Is strength control? Is control strength? How would a person with little to make a call on know? There is not yet some mental or emotional check in place to counteract ... some find their way, and some become halted along the path, distracted from balance by what seems to be an appealing extreme.

I like to believe that sooner or later we find our way into a balance, and things work out. I envision humans making choices that lead to new choices, in a road of futures and pasts like the branching of a tree and its roots - up, down, and in all directions. Our present may seem like a single solid to us (the trunk), but in reality even that has multiple sources and consists of many layers of complexity.

Squeesh! Utter joy! For some odd reason, getting rid of Norton 2002 and upgrading to 2003 equals a toolbar on Internet Explorer (although still without an actual address thingie, for some reason ... instead of giving me one it just says "Address" and calls it good) for me, the new ability to see images on, and all the banners on Hammerspace's banner pages again. I am extremely delighted with this new development.

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