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So here I am, sitting at my computer. Behind me, my roommate is getting ready to go to a party tonight, a party which she was invited to, and to which she in turn invited me and another gal we know. She brought this party up a few days ago, and we wrestled over it (figuratively speaking) for a little while, and I gave no conclusive yes or no answer.

Well, the party's in twenty minutes, and I'm not going.

I almost wish I were. I know down to the very socks what outfit I would wear, and how overheated I would eventually become, but I would wear it anyway because its my favorite. But I don't think I would enjoy myself there.

From what I hear on this campus and from friends elsewhere, it seems as though college students attend parties just to get drunk. A big joke yesterday was that they were going to get me drunk, as though my assurances of my dislike for the activity meant nothing. I have my reasons for it ...

... amongst which is that I simply don't see the point in going and drinking yourself stupid. I don't find the concept of not remembering where you were appealing, nor the concept of "losing one's self." I prefer to remain in control of who I am, what I say, and what I do. When I say these things, people laugh as though I'm a naive little girl, who simply doesn't know of the bigger and better way of things. I hate that.

KerryAK once said that if I ever came and visited him and Byron, that he'd teach me the right way to drink, and that it is not the way of most college students. His way sounds more appealing to me, but unfortunately I've totally lost contact with him, and chances of me actually visiting a state so far away are slim.

I kind of miss talking to Kerry. I did so rarely, but I liked him when I did. I think I lost his email address ... argh. -_-

Anyway, I don't particularly care for drunken people. Where I work during the breaks in the school year, they have a massive party (attendance in the thousands) twice a year, and drinks are served (if you can pay). I've seen them in action. I don't find them particularly humorous, cute, or whatever. They're just drunk.

Plus, I'm not a people person by any means ... despite my "charade" of talkative perkiness on the Internet, others have picked up that true fact. I dislike loud noise. I hate being around loud and rude people, and I'm sure that drunkeness only accentuates that part of the personality.

I know that somehow, I if I went, would wind up standing in a corner, watching everyone. Maybe wishing that I were talking with them, probably being half-way horrified by them, and definitely unable to leave my wall.

She just left the room.

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