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Value City Sockitude!

What the hell is it with old ugly men following me around and trying to ask me out?? Face it, you geezer, I am not going on a date with you! I am not going to give you my number! You're unattractive! You're out of shape! You smoke and you lack proper grammar! You have more gray hair than my father! You don't act intelligently! Hell, you lay carpet for a living! If that's as far as you've gone with your life and you have never once thought of something with the imagination in all your years, I have no interest in you.

I lack comfortable black pants and am not too fond of navy blue, so in order to wear the Value City/Target look, I must use my few khaki possessions. On occasion I tire of wearing the same pants day after day (and must do laundry), and don my one and only khaki skirt. Today was such an event. I looked into my drawer to find some suitable socks, and decided that I was sick of the white that I normally wear.

Now, the Value City dress code does not go so far as to describe the color or the pattern of an ideal pair of socks. This is what I thus pulled out:

... and I was amused.

I went into work, and as the manager let me into the locked building, he said "nice socks." I explained that they were happy socks, and he didn't seem to have any problem with them ("as long as they make you happy"). Surprisingly, this was all I got from either of the managers concerning my footwear; most people found them pretty amusing. (Perhaps the fact that I wear red tennis shoes every day has prepped them for socks like these.) One person gave me attitude and told me to never wear them again, but I'm going to continue wearing insane socks anyway. Mwhaha!

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