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Ok! I am over last night's moodiness! I am, however, not in a mood to post something elegaic and/or otherwise nifty, so this piece o' notetaking is what you get.

- I had my first official bitch of a customer.
- The bag I decided on after much time pondering (a.k.a., Will it fit my sketchbook? Do I like the shape? What color would be multi-functional? Can I carry it easily? Is it within my price range?) will finally be delivered tomorrow. What I find amusing is the fact that it has been sitting all day and will continue to sit for the rest of the night probably fifteen minutes away from my house. (Yay for UPS tracking.) [Edit - UPS, I will never understand what you are thinking. Why the heck did you send it back to Indianapolis? XD; Elkhart was about two and a half hours closer.]
- While at work I felt stabbing pain and was suddenly dizzy. Lo and behold, it had unexpectedly begun. I have reaffirmed the calculation that Blood + Khaki(Kaki) = "CRAP!"
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
- I can cut bread with crunchy peanut butter.

That is all.

[Edit - someone tell me why the heck I just spent a couple of hours trying to make demi yellow, purple, and black. I mean seriously, what was I thinking? Ewwwww.] [Edit again - played with the contrast ... it might still have potential as long as I involve the blue somewhere else ... hmm ...]

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