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Fiasco(n) Report Part Two (alternately entitled, Otakon Otakon Fiddle-dee-dee)


Because I move "as slow as molasses in January" in the morning, I arose at six to take a shower and get myself prepped for a day of Otakon. I donned my Anju costume, fussed over my wig, and sought out much reassurance that I didn't look pretty damn weird as a redhead. I did not include a wig the last time I wore Anju, as my own hair was approximately the same length and style. But now my natural locks are far too long for that.

Once etoileeyes and I were all ready to go, we gathered up all our Artist's Alley stuff and trekked off to the convention center. It took us awhile, but we finally located Artist's Alley - only to be informed that we were not, after all, being let in as early as we had thought. We wandered around, but eventually I got tired and we plunked our gear down right outside the Alley to wait it out. (This is where I met my best friend from 2004.)

We got in about two hours later than we had originally planned. Once inside, we discovered whoa this place is huge, and also that we had a cool location (a.k.a., not next to the bathroom or the trashcan). We were disappointed, however, to find that they had left etoileeyes off the Livebird card. We wrote her name in and "set up," and plopped ourselves down to see what happened.

I normally greet people and am polite, and I think nothing of it (not only is it my nature, but it has been ground into me by my upbringing and various jobs). So (almost mechanically) I said "hi," had the usual conversation about nothing, and had already moved on before I realized that this guy I had talked to was ... still there!

Dun-dun-dun, I had picked up a fanboy. I tried to lose him in Artist's Alley, but he persisted. Eventually I said that I was going to go get some water, turned my back, and walked off (for me, this is ... bold). I guess it wasn't blatant enough, though, because he followed right behind!

In hindsight, I think that the sight of me scurrying off through the Alley towards the women's bathroom going "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING MEEEE" is pretty funny.

People actually recognized me as Anju, which surprised me greatly (given the costume's reception at A-Cen 2k2). One fellow stopped me and told me that he recognized me by the sway of my skirt - he wasn't being perverted, and I knew what he meant - if you figure out Anju's schedule for all three days in Majora's Mask, you see her walking to the Laundry Pool in the southwest corner of Clock Town, and her skirt has this certain sway to it. That reminds me, next time I want an umbrella/parasol thingie ...

Hmm. Selling cards and doing a few quick portraits of folks, we made around >10$ in Artist's Alley, which is a step up from my original guesstimations. So, as the table cost 35$ ... I paid 25$ bucks for a real-life lesson, but I don't mind. I think it was well spent, and I gained an experience I would not otherwise have gotten.

Friday afternoon passed, and we did stuff, like spend money in the Dealer's Room. I met up more than once (and mostly by accident) with a Legend of Zelda group consisting of branduno, marisolita, and oneautumnday. I wanted to hang out longer after this encounter, but I was following a gal back to Artist's Alley, because I had gotten lost, and I didn't want to make her wait.

Having sold all of our cards, we packed up the rest of our stuff and headed back to the hotel to grab a bite to eat. I changed out of Anju (the shoes, though accurate, were unexpected bloody murder) and into something vastly more comfy - jeans, "one cute tomato" shirt, and my beloved flipflops. We headed back to catch the music video screening.

It was there that we met up with the black tape on the floor. Yes, the Otakon staff had taped out a pattern on the carpet, and we all were to follow it quite exactly. I was pretty impressed that even the most stupid of the crowd were cooperating, and was also amazed by the number of people there. We were all filing back and forth, guided by the lines - I thought we'd make a great marching band of some sort. I also met Mike and Greg, who were dressed up as Yusuke and Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho. I teased them, and it was amusing.

I must have Escaflowne.

I still want to live in Pittsburgh. I'm yearning for variations in the terrain which are greater than that between the level of the road and the ditch.
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