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Fiasco(n) Report Part Three (alternately entitled, Otakon Wooo?)

Getting ready for Saturday was a laborious process. etoileeyes and I finished Skuld that morning, and the wig required much bobby-pinning due to its length and weight. We drew the shapes on our faces with two shades of eyeliner and gave it a good coat (and my left eye too) with hairspray, hoping to avoid smearage. We did not finish etoileeyes's Belldandy costume in time, so we improvised with her clothes and her Piyo Piyo apron.

According to Kevin Lillard (who, in a strange stroke of luck, we came across pretty much right as we entered the convention center), she became ... Domestic Belldandy! It took us three years, but we thus achieved our goal of getting on A Fan's View. Yay!

Because I wanted to meet and see people, we went to the meeting. I flitted around happily, though I think etoileeyes was less than pleased with me and the number of folks there (for which I am sorry ...). The photo part of the gathering was a bit crazy, and as I somehow got in the back with Ki Kuru Kitty, the only way you can tell where we are is by locating my staff and his lighter. (These we raised as far above the crowd as we short people could go.) We were on our tippy-toes and trying to raise each other up, but he and I still couldn't see much beyond hair, armor, and wigs. XD; (I think I can see my face in this one!)

After that, etoileeyes and I went to the Dealer's Room, and there I made the terrible mistake of thinking I could find her again when we agreed to meet up at our Artist's Alley table. Many of you know that whoever I am seeking is sure to show up just after I have left - it just works out that way. Accordingly, I went to Artist's Alley ... and couldn't find her.

I did find Mike and Greg again though, who were attired that day as Wolfwood and Vash. The three of us (and a friend of theirs whose name I no longer remember) trekked back to the Dealer's Room, because I had the foolish hope of finding her in her Piyo-Piyo Belldandyness somehow. I did not, of course, find her ... but I did begin to feel sick and upset, so Mike and Greg ushered me out of there and got me to a water fountain.

We then went back to Artist's Alley. Realizing that I just stink at finding people, I stood by our table and made like a tree, until etoileeyes came back looking for me. We had indeed performed a number of near misses, proving once and for all that I am prone to such twists.

I had spotted the Arslan Senki artbook that I need on Friday, but was pondering waiting to see if the price would go down a bit on Sunday. The question became a moot point as the artbook was not there on Saturday. Alas! I did get a plushie, though, continuing my short-lived tradition of a plushie per con.

I've avoided cosplay contests since A-Cen 2k1, because I found the audience's behavior there revolting. But since this wasn't A-Cen, and since I wanted to do something that etoileeyes wanted to do, I agreed to undergo the two/three hour wait and see the show. Though the otaku behind us were rather annoying as we waited for the Masquerade to begin, on the whole it wasn't a bad experience this time. Compared to the nightmare I was half-expecting, the audience was amazingly appreciative and well-mannered. The Masquerade was also extremely short, which surprised me - I guess a lot of people got cold feet? etoileeyes wants to do the Masquerade next year ... maybe if we started now we'd have everything done on time. XD

Overall, Skuld was amazingly "successful" to me. I was happy with it by itself, and the amount of reaction it garnered from others was entirely different from what I've gleaned with Anju or Juuhachigou in the past. Ah ... I love my staff. We used car enamel and polished the red so it's uber-shiny, and the gold rings make sound when you shake it. ::shake shake::

The Baltimore folk I encountered while in costume were very nice to me. I had several ladies compliment me on my Anju, I talked with a few folks about Otakon and why we were there, and sometimes random businessmen would go by and say "nice costume." Sometimes they gave me really squicked faces, though.

No con-related stuffages to tell, because I was sick as a dog and lost everything that I had eaten. Not wanting to be puking for the duration of the 11 hour car trip, I didn't eat anything else and I slept until it was time to go home. etoileeyes was kind enough to retrieve a copy of the FFIX soundtrack for me.

Oh yes, and for the record:
I. Hate. Blitzball. I can swim into the opposing team's frickin' GOAL and the game won't let me shoot or do ANYTHING until the opposing team gets their rear over there to "block" me, and then of COURSE my stats suck compared to the combined stats of three different (all higher-leveled) players, and one of them inevitably steals the ball from me. That tournament would have been MINE, but no. I can't shoot, I have to wait for some beet of a Luca Goer to come and take the ball by force. Bah!
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