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"You're an artist, you should have patterned underwear."

I held my first tutoring session tonight, and predictably, not a single soul showed. I spent most of my time curled up on the floor with a couple of books and my homework, and passed the two-hour session without much of note. Part of me wants to go up to the Learning Enhancement Center and announce to them that my position is superfluous, really rather silly. Then again, another side of me pops up and reminds me that they're paying me to sit in a room for a couple of hours and do my homework. This is good, right? Right.

I was silly to think that they selected what subjects they had tutors for based on actual need/demand/requests/whatever. I now entertain the paper-slip-out-of-a-hat theory.

I also had a meeting for my museum-sitting weekend job. We have the second-largest collection of glass paperweights in Illinois, apparently. The museum is housed in one of the coolest, older buildings on campus ... I can only imagine what it was once like in its original, library state ... the building has character, but the collection itself is mostly pointless. (It has its gems, but is pretty average, it feels like.) This is not a problem since they can't advertise or reach out to the community in any way, because that would bring into the open how they are in violation of the ADA (there's only stair access to the place). The plaster is falling off the ceiling and you think we have enough money for an elevator? Let's just keep quiet, it's easier.

Speaking of age, my journal is almost two years old.

The sun's long gone down and the panhandlers are out full-force, but still he sits outside at the coffee shop, calmly perusing a novel. I wish I had a reason to talk to him.

[Edit - almost forgot. I learned how to do oxy-acetalyne welding today (?). I managed to turn the contraption on and off without blowing anything up, scorching myself, and also without losing any digits and/or limbs. Go me. Can you imagine an army out in those welding hoods and some spare oxygen tanks ("Don't knock it over ... that would be bad") ...? That would truly be a scary sight.]

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