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I dreamt about the past last night, though the years had been compressed so that experiences that spanned decades could be seen in a single scene. (I also dreamed that Touga was wearing black spandex biker shorts and was sleeping with Juri and Shiori, but we won't get into that. Poor Nanami!)

It seemed somehow wrong to be pulling into the driveway of our old-old house, but we did, and my father and I got out of the sparkly turquoise car. Upon entering the garage, we found my mother, who was eyeing someone else's red Honda Civic. She said that she could have gotten it for half the cost, and my father laughed at her.


Panic about my Italian test tomorrow is setting in. Io sono intelligente ... Sono di Decatur ... sono, tu, lui, lei, Lei ... can't remember the blasted articles ... if a noun ends in "a," it is feminine. To make it plural, change the "a" to "e." "O" turns to "i." That which ends in an accent does not change spelling when made plural. Ecco crazy Anne.


Hey there.

He's gibberatable.

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