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"Almost over" is this week's mantra.

So last night I went to go "tutor," only to find that there was a group already in the room and it appeared as though they were having class. I waited around for awhile, and when it seemed as though they were not leaving, I left instead and posted a message with my number in it to the "campus announcements" message list, just in case someone wanted to get in contact with me. (In hindsight, if I hadn't said a word, would anyone have known that I wasn't there? Nope.) Of course, the people in charge are now all uppity ... and I'm trying to maintain a straight face and not go tongue in cheek. Yes, of course, I tutored. No, I was not in the specified location for the duration of the tutoring session. I find that I'm a lot more lenient on the "location issue" because I know the truth - nobody cares. The people in charge of tutoring are still laboring under the delusion that students actually show up for Physiology of Space help.

I've been thinking about chopping my hair off again. True, it is not as long as I hoped it to be before I got to the "arrrg kill it kill it" mood (down to my mid-back where once it was), but the water here is funky and something is building up in my hair, making it all limp and nasty. It feels gross, and is too static-prone. x_X Suggestions for short hairstyles, anyone? Or reasons to keep my hair as long as it is and continue to go longer? (Keep in mind that I will not spend a lot of time on my hair. I brush and I go, because there's too much else I need to do.)

Today pretty much sucked. I overslept, I cut/scraped myself rather painfully (badly enough to bleed), missed breakfast, didn't finish lunch, and I discovered that I pratically failed my second Italian test. I knew I hadn't done wonderfully, but I didn't think the end results were going to be that bad. I spent more time studying for this test than I did the last one, but I didn't do as much of the workbook this chapter as I did last time around, and I think that this is probably one reason why my grade was so bad. Apparently I have absolutely no sense of grammar in Italian, I try to write too colloquially, and I can't spell numbers to save my damn life.

The professor spent most of the period just about yelling at us because only six people got an A, and I felt like I was right back in Latin again, but without the gratutious curve on the test grades. Given my past experience with four years of Latin (I had nightmares about it for years), I found today such a negative experience, I don't really feel like going to Italian tomorrow at all, though my sense of responsibility will probably force me in for more suffering. As Andy would have it, "Kupoooooooo."

I feel sick so often now, and I feel like I can't trust my body. Eat well for a day or eat not, it doesn't matter, I feel sick, but I'm not sick - not with the flu, or any bug. I just feel sick and am sick of my body's own accord. Eat something, feel sick. Don't eat, feel sick. Feel sick and cold, sick and hot, sick sick sick sick. I'm so tired.

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