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I am a past-tense she, a lispy shadow entity of memory, embodied by yellowed photographs and now empty phrases.


The food in the cafeteria has been pretty lousy lately, so seven of us wound up walking to the nearby Chinese restaurant (though only five of us actually made it there, as two split off to make purchases at our ghetto-tastic Kroger). I've discovered that cheap Chinese restauraunts kind of freak me out, because no matter where you are in the country, you're essentially eating at the same place. The same features are applied to a generic building - you have your framed collages depicting "Oriental" subjects like peacocks and villages, your large paper menu with red and green print, and faded pictures of the main dishes illuminated on the wall above the cashier's head. The images are invariably the same squarish size, show the same things, and seem kind of aged and brown, regardless of the location or how old the restaurant is.

Though it was good (and tasted like the cheap Chinese food I remember from years past), I felt like I ate too much and (of course) felt sick. I don't understand my body anymore ... I used to know its limits, but all prior records seem to have been thrown away.


FFTA Observations: Bangaa are useless, Marche is clueless, and Mewt is a spoiled brat. Snipers are awesome!

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