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Dumb! Dumb!
I am beginning to think that agreeing to 17 credits and 3 jobs was a really dumb thing to have done. I mean, hello, Anne, remember how you used to hate having no time to yourself, and it's one of the many things that made you BITTER and ANGRY and ANGSTY? Can we say repeat of past history going on right here?

Yeah, being able to fit this into that timeslot and this into that one looks cool on a resume/schedule/whatever. It's cool to be capable of agreeing to it and get it all done, BUT I have NO time to myself right now. What I take for myself is time that I know I should be using for homework, meetings, or getting as much sleep as I can to keep up with this schedule I've set for myself.

I guess jobs that pay me to sit on my rear and read aren't exactly something I should be frowning at, but the homebody in me would value the free time far more at this point. So, yeah. I don't think I'll be doing this next semester. x_X No "tutoring," Birks job must be moved to the week so that I can defraz on the weekends.


I am trying to keep in my memory the sight of the ninja squirrel. I've related the story many times today, but it's worth writing down because ... well, it amused the hell out of me and almost completely reversed the negative mood I was in. I also find the phrase "ninja squirrel" very wonderful, almost as great as "Squirrel Hill."

As I was walking towards the cafeteria, there was a rustling in the trees above me, and a sudden THOK sound somewhere behind me. Rustling in the trees = normal, THOK = a little odd. Startled, I whirled around to see a squirrel who had landed on all fours in the flowerbed. He darted a look to the left and the right, and then he zipped off into the bushes. The entire encounter was about as stealthy as a squirrel gets and lasted less than a minute. NINJA SQUIRREL!

Wearing flipflops in the rain, I paused and picked up three redgold leaves. I stepped in mud, washed my feet in puddles, and ran around at work with no shoes on. Also at work, there is a phone which rings obnoxiously; so loudly in fact that the vibrations broke the ringer and "fortissimo" became the default and the only option. Its glaring sound is unexpected because the office is otherwise so quiet, and today I decided that I had had quite enough of the thing, and that if nobody else was going to deal with it, I would!

After it went off, I walked into my boss' office and asked for a screwdriver. She raised an eyebrow, then decided that whatever happened, she didn't know anything about it, and yeah, there's a screwdriver in the kitchen. I retrieved said item, sat down, and promptly took the phone apart. Laughing rather madly (I think I am the first student worker to do something like this), I grabbed the broken bell and explained my hypothosis to my boss, who was cracking up over the fact that I was actually doing what I was doing. I went back to the phone. I analyzed the situation (BROKEN!), put the thing back together (FIXED!), and solved the problem. The phone now has a normal ringtone and still has dialtone, and the office now has a bit of peace! Go me.

While napping, I had a terribly stressful dream. I do not remember all the details, but the general gist of the situation was that I could not be heard. I was downright SCREAMING at this guy about art, but it was like I couldn't make him hear ... he just had this stupid grin on his face and passively mocked my entire life. I woke up absolutely soaked in sweat.

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