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When I am at the Birks Museum, I play more uninterrupted Solitaire than I can remember ever having done before. Though I dedicate too much time to this pointless distraction, my technique hasn't gotten any better, and though I don't always lose ... I do lose an awful lot. It's probably a bad sign when you begin to think that the program is trying to "take it easy" on you.

I've been busy (as usual), and I even worked during Homecoming. Since there is no longer a "university photographer" position to provide the Alumni and Development department with images for their magazine, website, and other publications, and since I work for the Director of Communications, I seem to have become the de-facto photographer. They of course hire professional photographers for major events, but given the quality of my equipment, I think I do pretty darn well.

I enjoy photography a lot. Digital cameras have made the art even more accessible to me, because I thoroughly despise the developing process, though in high school I wasn't all that bad at it. The entire affair of developing your film and making prints on your own makes me uneasy, because there are so many opportunities to irrevocably screw up. I become easily disoriented in total darkness ("Oh CRAP! Where's my film?? Did I drop it?? Nobody move!") and generally lose track of time, which isn't good when you're messing with chemicals! There are countless ways you can mess up a good roll of film, losing those moments forever. You can't make prints from your memory.

In the future, Hammerspace will have a photography section (much like my old site ADKOE404 once had). I'm gathering some of my decent shots together in preparation for that. There's so much website stuff to do (and not just for my own!), and so little time ... there's going to be a lot of moving to do in the near future. I have a new home for Hammerspace, and my family is moving to a new house too!

I can't remember my Italian prepositions, so it may well be an all-nighter tonight. I do, however, know how to conjugate verbs that end in "are," so I'm making progress! I think I've got the idioms down as well. Go me. We will master that test tomorrow! And now that I know what they're looking for in my exam paper for Ancient World Wisdom, I should have that down no problem. I'm actually pretty good at talking about philosophy, and since this exam has a lot to do with Taoism (which I like), it should go over well. I think.

New icon.

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