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the mundane matters of hormones utterly out of whack

Long story short, please don't try to protect me from the dangers of the world by assuming that you know better and then acting on my behalf. Things would work out much better if you would educate me and then let me make my own decisions. Have a little faith in my ability to think for myself. Thanks.

Do you folks remember Lyle, my figure drawing professor? I certainly bitched about him a lot last semester! He is one reason why I am not taking any drawing classes this semester ... I figured we both needed a time-out from each other. It appears, believe it or not, that he is still uncomfortable with me, though he has had a five month break from having to deal with me. There was a reception tonight for a new exhibit in one of the galleries ... he gave the opening statement. The way things worked out, I was standing right in the front ... but he never looked me in the eye, not once. It was kind of strange to watch his eyes go everywhere and see everyone but me.

Booyah to Lyle, however, for other people express appreciation for my skills (whatever they may be). People were excited that I was drawing for the Random Acts of Kindness Week ... and even better, I get to put together a cover for the Quarterly, the magazine that the Alumni and Development department produces. I cannot be sure if they will use what I make, but it does seem fairly likely. Original suggestions were for a collage of Homecoming photos or something of that nature, but ... I feel that simplicity is best. The cover image should be one photo with the strength to stand by itself.

In Ancient World Wisdom, a theater person had a most instructive exercise for me ... we went through all my doodles, and pondered fabric types and colors for each "design." Though my knowledge of fabric was limited, I could immediately grasp colors. I also got an A on my exam in that class, despite the brevity of my responses to two out of the three questions I answered, which was cheering to learn.

Stuff. Happens.

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