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shaking sheepies

Haha. Life has recently given me a couple of lessons about things falling into hands they shouldn't be in.

On my part, my personal mail has now started appearing in group folders that I never posted to. This should teach me (again) not to make snide aside comments about individuals, because you really never do know when everybody's gonna have access to it. It's no secret to other members that Mr. Ape irritates the hell out of me, but this gives him another chance to figure out the obvious.

On the part of others, a note I found on the floor yesterday. I have no clue who wrote it, but the content is wonderful. Based on the writing style, I'm guessing that Person1 is female, and Person2 is male.

Person1: I missed you too! I had strept so I had to go home for awhile; doctors think/say I have a tumor on my tonsils. : (
Person2: Tumors are bad! Hope you get well soon. We can't make out until you're all better.
Person1: I know, I guess you'll just have to suffer.


It's been raining almost constantly for the past two days. I love it ... autumn is my favorite season, because I really like seeing dark wet tree limbs against vibrant leaves, everything moving in the downpour. If I weren't cold, shaking, and really nauseous, I think today would be great.

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