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Well, great. The verdict from the Health Services place is that I have a 101.4 degree fever (and I still feel so cold!) and a case o' bronchitis. XP;; Fortunately it's only the second day, so we caught it soon and maybe the drugs will take the brunt out of bronchy's blow. My throat hurts so bad from the coughing. I can feel every cough right down into my chest. x_x

Whoa. So I'm currently doing this project where I ask people if I can take their picture, and if they could take mine immediately afterwards. The photos are crappy (I want 'em that way) and the reactions are mixed, but it's kind of fun to play into people's stereotype of "the crazy artist."

I went into the coffee shop (food places get the greatest mix of individuals), and there was this one guy sitting near the wall. I looked down to get my camera out of its bag, and when I looked up maybe just a minute later, he was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't where he had been, and he wasn't anywhere near inside or out (the coffee shop here has large glass windows). It was just ... really weird. Am I hallucinating? XD;;

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