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I had a wierd-ass (gasp, my language is being corrupted by my fellow students) dream this morning, right before I woke up ...

"I don’t remember quite how it began, but she saved something and became very proud of herself. She saw herself on the TV through people’s windows, and she became quite popular for her bravery. One day as she was walking into a place, a light on her keychain began flashing - the signal that she was needed to help someone, somewhere. She ran out of the building like lighting and leapt into the brown car’s back right passenger seat, only to discover as it took off that it was not someone she knew, but someone who wanted to kill her.

"He drew out a weapon and she cringed, hardly breathing. But feeling quite intelligent she began asking him about the weapon, appealing to his pride. He gave it to her and she inspected it, then let it fall to the floor, and pushed it under the seat with her foot, where he could not reach it. He did this with a gun, a cane, and another weapon which looked sinister. But he was not done, nor was he totally unarmed, but her own pride prevented her from seeing this.

"He switched cars with another driver, and picking up a gun in his new car which was to her right, he aimed at her through the window. She saw that the car was slowing a little to take a turn, and desperately she leaped out. She was screaming “HELP ME” at the top of her lungs so loudly, she thought she might rip them out. She ran as fast as she could though it felt like running through plastic, screaming for help. A group of people appeared ahead of her with grace, her first thought was that with their colorful outfits and plumes they were members of a marching band. But she didn’t care, as one of the tall blonde men picked her up and began running. They were here to help.

"He set her down in the corner of an indented entryway, and everyone took up positions about it. The two leaders of the group appeared, they were small as children though their hair was the longest of all. One girl, one boy. The men with guns pulled up in front of their position, and raised their weapons. She closed her eyes, knowing that she would die ... but when the guns went off and she was not hit, she realized that the girl leader had been hit instead. The girl slumped up against the wall in shock, and fell.

"She started screaming again, and as she did she saw a man with a curly ponytail beyond the fallen girl and her brother, and thought he looked very much like a girl. The boy leader came towards his sister and kneeled at her side, turning his back to the gunners. She screamed even louder, he would be hit! But he seemed to know it and seemed to not care. She lunged forward and pulling on his hair with much might yanked him down flat, and he was only hit in the shoulder. The blond men came again and picked the both of them up and continued running ..."

Think lots of timely and dramatic slow motion a la Lord of the Rings. The blond men may or may not have been elves. Whenever they picked the girl up, think [SPOILER] Boromir grabbing one of the hobbits (Frodo?) and whirling back around and up the stairs after Gandalf's fall into darkness.[/SPOILER]

In other news, ADKOE404 is on Hiatus Status.

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