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19 December 2003 @ 01:52 pm
FFX-2 likes to let you think that you're kickass. After spending a good deal of time luring you into the sweet dream of power, it smacks you in the face with instant, unexpected death. You never know what hit you until it's too late, mostly because you're still trying to pick what dress sphere you want to level.

I'm not quite sure what to make of the game, more or less because although I'm doomed to addiction (I love the ability system and variants thereof), some parts of it just rub my grain the wrong way. Some of the designs drive me absolutely up the wall, and I still don't think hotpants are in character for Yuna, no matter how more "mature" she has become.

If you like having fun, go for it. If you don't mind shoujo transformations and skimpy outfits, or are willing to overlook all that to find your favorite blitzer again, then spend the cash. If you weren't the ultimate fan of FFX, you might want to wait until it isn't $50, though ... just to be on the safe side.

Non-Spoilerific Quotes:
Paine: Preconcert hurtfest time! ::thumbs up::

Rikku: Howdy? What howdy? What the heck are you doing?
Cid: I found a hole, so I decided to explore it. Call it curiosity.

Spoilerific Quotes and Comments:
Buddy: Fiends are pouring out of the temples!
Rikku: Which ones?
Brother: Only all of them! It's a frickin' state of emergency!

The Celsius (the airship) is a horrible, horrible circus. I hate it very much, more or less because of the terrible background music (whoever did the BGM needs to die in return for the torture he's put us gamers through) and the "dern kitschy paint job," as Cid phrased it. It's an ugly hotrod of an airship.

Small aside, some of you know that I dislike the Titanic movie intensely. Part of that hatred stems from its senseless popularity, part from DiCaprio, part from the fact that it overtook Star Wars in box office rankings, and part because of Celine Dion and "My Love Will Go On." I despise that song, very much, and I dislike Celine Dion's singing technique with a passion as well.

History repeats itself in some very odd ways, and thus I discovered that Yuna's dub singing voice is very bad (and very hard to hear). Though I can't discern most of the words, the melody alone tells me that 1000 Words is a phenomenally stereotypical pop lovesong, and I dislike it just about as much as I dislike the Celsius and "My Love Will Go On." There's no way in hell it can match the emotion of the story going on behind it ... it's so flat ... it can't hold a candle to story of Lenne and Shuyin, or Yuna and Tidus, for that matter. Unite Spira my ass.


After much testing, I am ready to conclude that the Youth League is really just a bunch of pushovers. I defeated even Lucil by an astounding show of my extensive wardrobe! (i.e., I changed dress spheres constantly for a good three minutes straight, and then used Machina Maw to lumber through that painful battle. Which in turn means, "SHIT! When the heck did SHE get so powerful?? I'm DEAD!? I am so going to get you, if it's the last thing I do!!")

I am also about ready to conclude that Spira is a system and set of perpetual screwups punctuated by occasional competent people.

I aligned myself with the Youth League more or less because I hadn't been to Bevelle, didn't really want to, and I have less than fond memories of the entire "Yevon" thing. Forget part machina, I think that Nooj is part Guado because his hair is so stiff. I was very upset with him as the game progressed, though. I quote from my notes on a scrap of paper, "Whaaat?? Nooj is with LeBitch?? Never mind that he just sounded like he was threatening all of Spira with Vegnawhozawhatzit, I've already lost all faith in the cause!"

So I thought I would go check out this Baralai dude. I met him in the depths of Bevelle, and disillusioned as I was with "Noojie-woojie," I was ready to think that the praetor of New Yevon was the uber-cool. I had to fight him, though, and eventually he turned out to be the mega-creepy. They placed his eyes so closely on purpose, I tell you.

In conclusion, ignore both New Yevon and the Youth League, and throw your support behind the Machine Faction! Gippal is possibly the sanest of the three, and he creeps me out the least.

CommSpheres are totally useless.

Checking some sites, I definitely missed some Crimson Spheres. As a result, I can't get into the Den of Woe, and I am full of woe.

Yuna's VA is, apparently, an alumni of my current institution. o_o That is so very creepy.
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SD: Luca Blight // PIG!sado_nishi on December 21st, 2003 11:28 pm (UTC)
Man, I can't help but still be curious about the game. I think I'll find someone who has it, and borrow it or something. XD I actually bought that limited edition strategy guide, just for the artbook. LOL.
Leanaci Tora: thoughtfulleana on March 1st, 2004 02:23 pm (UTC)
my first impression with the intro was WTF?!?!
bit Charlie's Angel like...

game ain't too bad.
I heard it has multinple endings so I'm kind of curious to that.

and you know.
Yuna and Rikku and their story is interesting,
but Paine's story is truly interesting to want to find out more about.
One Who Wanders: gamer grinabiona on March 1st, 2004 03:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there are indeed multiple endings. What is apparently referred to as the "Common" ending happens if you don't do anything after defeating Vegnagun ... "Good" happens if you press the "X" button at the exact right time after coming back out to the Glen and answer "Yes," ... "Perfect" happens with the "X" button/Yes-thinger plus 100% story completion.

I'm at 99% now. Dang!