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10 January 2004 @ 03:16 am
From Dios to Ass to Porks  


I had a strange dream the other night ... a dream which was more like a nightmare at times, though I never saw its conclusion. In this dream, I was the property of an abusive, violent vampire in a miserable relationship.

I'm not quite sure how the situation came about. I remember staring over the vampire's shoulder as he grasped me, can recall a fear deep within my gut as a voice from behind said "so give it back to her." I passed out.

Dream-time is irregular, and so although I regained consciousness almost immediately, I knew I had been in this "new" place for some time already. It was a large house which almost had the feel of a convention center, with large rooms, tawny coloring, marble, and crystal chandeliers. Sitting in bed, I sucked on a Strawberry Creme Saver, enjoying the taste as I always do.

The vampire came into my bedroom (talking as he usually did), and it felt as though some realization abruptly went through my body. I fell over, and began gagging, my throat was clogged with some horrible substance. How had I not known? He stopped discussing his elegant plans as I clawed at my throat desperately, animal-like, coughing up a strange, thick yellow material. I put my hands in my mouth and gouged more of it out, and as I did, I began to bleed. I spat up blood over the weird material, and as I looked up, I knew right there and then with a sense of horrible, horrible dread that I had made him very angry.

I can't begin to describe his face at that moment, though I knew mine must have been paralyzed by fear, coated in blood. He roared "Only I ..." and I got up and RAN for my life, scared, so very scared. My skirts billowed out behind me as I pulled myself around corners and down staircases, his anger so loud in my ears. Across the hall past the door into the kitchen and through into the small hallway, I ran to the hired help, crying, "Oh my god, save me, save me, save me." The servants caught me and tried to comfort me as I sobbed, "please help me, please help me."

I knew he wasn't far behind, and my voice gave out as he appeared behind us. I could only look at his ferocity with a primal fright, holding onto a maid for my very life. He was going to kill me, and I couldn't run, I was trapped.

A young servant, who looked no older than I, stepped forward. The others nodded, and suddenly I understood with equal shock - they meant to offer her to him, in my place. As the servants surrounded me in a cloak of fabric and silence, I saw him kill her.

Later, I saw a map for the first time since I had come to live with him, under him. A new resolve took hold of me ... the more information I had, the less power he could exert over me. If I had enough information, I could run away. I could be free.


Yo, Knights and second-class people heading to Geffen2 or out of Geffen1 ... how best to phrase this ... if you've got quite a train of Poison Spores and bats behind you, and you come upon a little acolyte who already has her hands full with two spores, could you possibly take a few minutes out o' your busy schedule and kill your train instead of letting them switch targets onto the acolyte? Thanks.
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Current Music: "Forces," Berserk
jaekyu on January 10th, 2004 01:50 am (UTC)
Ooh, very gothy dream, worthy of a peom in fact. Except that part with the coughing up yellow stuff, that simply won't do.
holatuwol on January 11th, 2004 12:41 am (UTC)
... Lifesaver Fusions > Strawberry Creme Savers. This is evidence that what you experienced was in fact a nightmare or else you would have been sucking on Lifesaver Fusions. o_o Then again, you were soul-less in your dream, so I'm not so sure I can trust your dream's taste buds, either. o_o AH WELL. And everything is poem worthy! Provided I get to read the poem. YES! ... >_> I want to see this gothy poem when it's done.
aethene on January 10th, 2004 09:58 am (UTC)
Cute. ^^ What are your characters/levels?
One Who Wanders: pera and fragolaabiona on January 11th, 2004 08:57 am (UTC)
I play mostly on Chaos these days.

Parsley: 54/40, waiting for Crusader
Starfield: 45/33
Pera: 36/something