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Anyone familiar with the production methods of textbooks? I've been taken by this strange notion to solve the persistent problem of why they cost so damn much, but despite the need of the case to be solved, I am little inclined to expend actual effort on it.

On the good news front, it appears as though although my old bank card is lost, no one else got a hold of it before I canceled it. So I still have some money saved up, yay.

You know, I've never actually had a cavity, technically ... my dentist is the up-and-at-em sort of geeky type, so none of the potential sites have ever gotten that far (they all get drilled and filled the moment they look suspicious). I was telling erikadoor about a little idea I had while I watched the squirrel in the dumpster as the dentist/dental hygenist installed a filling in my molar yesterday morning. What if, instead of attempting to replicate the natural surface of the tooth and blend the filling material in, you leaned towards body art and made little sculptures in there instead? XD It wouldn't necessarily have to be practical ... in fact, it'd probably be downright dumb. Erika pointed out that there could be interesting cosmetic applications, though ... ::ponders:: Tooth sculpture, people. Next big craze, I'm telling ya!

The snow here is starting to look like wet toilet paper on muddy lawns. They say it's supposed to start snowing again ... sure hope so, it'd be a lot more attractive than as it currently stands.

Opening the box of stuff, I sorted out all of Skuld's accessories last night (earrings, check ... necklace, check ... rings/bracelet, check ... shoes, check ... belt, check ... gloves, check ...), found all my little red "orbs," and pulled out the red fabric from the gloves so I could give 'em a much needed wash. The red orbs are a yellower red than the new red fabric I have ... I am almost tempted to repaint them ... almost. We shall see how bad it looks once its all assembled. I'm going to do something different with the shoes, this time ... instead of trying to hide the laces, I'm going to make a point of them being there (Skuld's childish side seems to fit with the sneakers look, actually). I'm going to use ribbon instead of plain laces, though ... and maybe add some thick socks to change the look of my legs and mimic that one picture ... ::ponders::

I also spent most of the night cutting out patterns for a new try at Skuld's coat, as well as a pattern which I hope to use for a Rose Bride skirt someday ... dang, that thing's huge. o_o

Yeah, back to cutting patterns.

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