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Con of the Dance, Report Part One: Musical Planes

Before I begin, I would like to know one thing: just how, exactly, do I get all these random objects into the lining of my coat?? Is my coat a miniature Bermuda Triangle in action? I can feel a quarter deep within those insulating layers, but there is no apparent hole anywhere in the pocket area! Dammit! I want that quarter!

In a supah-summary for those who wish to skip my emphasis on random details, any con that yields an icon which can be referred to as "displaced hawaiian" (the source image being from A Fan's View no less) is a good con. Huzzah. For those who wish to read on, feel free to click the link. This entry discusses Thursday.

I skipped all my classes Thursday morning in order to finish packing and putting together final preparations (like cleaning the pit then known as my room) before attempting to get to the airport. It was a good thing that I did ... I probably would not have completed anything otherwise. Normally I leave my room as is when I go on trips, regardless of condition ... however this time upon returning I was very, very glad that I had cleaned when I did.

I asked my boss to take me to the regional airport, roughly an hour away from here. This huge favor places me into her debt, the sum of which is my left leg and many Saturdays. Thanks to her generosity, I was able to arrive at the regional airport ridiculously early (about 1 p.m. CST). I hadn't flown in many, many years by that point, so I wanted to make sure I had more than enough time to get everything settled.

When I got my tickets, the lady did not ask for my ID, nor did she warn me about accepting things from strangers or leaving my bags unattended. I had to laugh about that. Since I spent some time the night before packing my Skuld staff in lots of cardboard and duct tape, I got it on the plane as checked luggage with no problem. I had to go through security two times, though, because I forgot that I had scissors in my carry-on bag.

I waited, and waited. At five, it appeared that people were boarding a plane, so I popped up enthusiastically and hopped right on over into line ... after all, my plane was supposed to board at that time. They informed me, however, that this was the two o'clock flight, and that mine was still in Chicago. Poo. We waited for another hour for our plane to arrive ... and I missed my connection at O'Hare. Poo.

I stood in the United customer service line at O'Hare for awhile, eventually realizing that this is where the angriest people on earth live. The customers are pissy. The people behind the counter are pissy because they can't make the customers happy, and they're getting bitched at about things that they really can't control. I studied a dead fry on the floor, had a conversation with an evangelist, and eventually managed to get myself stuffed on the last flight that night out to Washington D.C.

I was the only person on the shuttle to the Hyatt, which seemed strange. It's so close, though, they can probably zoom back and forth as they wish instead of adhering strictly to a every half-hour schedule. oneautumnday was in the lead in the lobby, leading a small group (or was that two? I was so tired, I can hardly remember) to my rescue and to the room.

From there, I grabbed a book and went to place the check-in counter under semi-covert surveillance for a few hours. I had hoped to meet erikadoor and ecindery that night, but for a number of reasons, that didn't pan out as planned. I wound up confusing lionboogy by leaving a rather cryptic message for their room. As I was in the process of leaving said cryptic message, these rather creepy guys tried to make a pass at me. (I suppose they thought they were of "Teh Hotness," but I thought their attention was kind of ... weird.) One of them handed me a green con lanyard (some sort of courtship gift??) and asked me if I knew that it was Valentine's Day this weekend, what was I doing, did I want to etc., etc. I then spotted kellilla arriving, went "KELL!" and ran off to safety in the elevator. o_o Kell has good timing, ya know?

Perhaps I looked different or behaved differently this particular con ... or perhaps it was just the Valentine's Day Otaku Desperation in action, but many of the guys I encountered were a lot more aggressive or openly flirtatious than they've been in the past. Or maybe people would say that I'm finally beginning to pick up on the obvious.
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