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Con of the Dance, Report Part Three: Where the Heck Was I?

The folder of my (fairly few) Katsu pictures can be found here. ladyaltara, I thought you would like to know that I left out the blackmail shots ... for the time being.

Let me sum it up by saying that Saturday was nuts.

Saturday (costume-wise) was devoted to my new version of Skuld (which, thanks to the aid of my mother's supah sewin' skillz, turned out very well). This is the first time that I have ever had a costume that many people wanted to take pictures of ... and the first time I was ever in a large group that an even larger number of people wanted more pictures of. The experience was ... quite astounding. I think I really underestimated that kind of power, and the hold it can have over individuals. I imagine that it can be kind of difficult to keep your head on your shoulders if you aren't very mature before you pose. A need for that star euphoria, perhaps, is an additional factor in the cosplay drama.

I met up with David bright and early for a photoshoot, although my wig was already haywire (next time, I swear to God I am sewing those strands together ... there's a perfectionist part of me which wants to make every image perfect by Photoshopping that wig back into neatness). Afterwards, I met with my group and we rehearsed right there in the hall, though fortunately most people didn't seem to be paying attention.

... ... most of the day is a blur, actually.

I became quite skilled in manuvering Lisa's Banpei ... and so I helped get him up and down in the elevators once he came down for the first time for the rehearsal/tech cue thing. Our Keiichi commandeered an abandoned luggage cart from the fifteenth floor, and we used that to get Banpei around.

We were able to stay in the first "Green Room" for the masquerade because of Banpei ... so we waited, drank water, got on stage, and got it over with. Experience has retaught me what I had forgotten. Next time, I am claiming a hallway (perhaps in the hotel-part of the hotel) without people ... it's just way too hard to keep the attention of a large group with so much else going on. Next time I also think I should help get things going sooner ...

... but what's done is done. For the amount of preparation we had, we did extremely well, and I was very proud of the group. We won Honorable Mention Presentation, Honorable Mention Craftsmanship for Banpei, and Honorable Mention Craftsmanship for my staff/mallet. In the picture of me, you can see that I was squeaking like a dork. I hugged the judge, too.

I remember posing for more pictures, many more pictures. It really hurt to kneel by that point, so eventually we just said "screw that" and stood, or sat on the luggage cart with Banpei. After we got him upstairs for the final time, I hung around with Lisa, our Keiichi, two fellows whose names I have forgotten though one was very nice (he went and did the math for us), DJ Ranma, Ali, and ... Lialia? We attempted to call out for Chinese (HAH), but sadly, everything like that was closed and there was no Goddess Hotline. So we got pizza instead!
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