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I'm on to your plot, Jolly Ranchers! Since when has blue raspberry been an "original flavor," huh?? I remember when everybody and their MOTHER was making "blue raspberry" candy to be in with the newfangled fads! (Your blue raspberry flavor tastes pretty sickly anyhoo.)

You know, if Cheetos did not claim to be "cheesy," what would we call their flavor? It seems to me that we only think that they're cheesy because that's what they say they are. Personally, I don't think they're really very cheesy at all. It's like, a mystery orange substance that stains and has a funkiness to it that does not deserve to be dubbed "cheesy."

New icons, featuring Skuld. The photographs are by David of NG-Master.Com, and I'm particularly fond of them. He sent me a CD full of pictures from Katsucon, and I've been playing around with them all evening. Fun stuff is in the future, people!

I totally, completely, and utterly bombed my last Italian test. You can't do any worse than I did. I seem matter-of-fact about it now, but in all honesty, I was really surprised when I saw the grade ... I knew I hadn't done perfectly, but I thought I had done pretty well. Wrong. When I spotted the graded paper sitting on his table in the front of the room, I grabbed it and pretty much skedaddled from class, because he was in one of those lecturing moods. I'm sorry, but right now Italian is like algebra. I know I'm stupid in it, I don't need you to tell me that. Asking me why don't I get it with that damned tone of voice doesn't help one bit.


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