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John, having given up gaming for Lent (we all had to check our hearing when we learned of that one), loaned me Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. I've more or less gotten the hang of the combat system after two hours. (Plainly put, I've finally switched from Wind Waker configuration to FF:CC configuration, whoo-hoo.)

What I want to know is, why do we spraypaint Mog? It's cute, but ... wouldn't he get high off the fumes in such a small, enclosed space? Since when did this particular setting have the technology for an aerosol can, anyhoo? XD

My first character is a Tulip-style female Yuke, who I am very amused by. I normally don't play the "magical" characters without a load of asskickers by my side, but I couldn't resist the deformity of the Yuke-ness. The theory I have is that the Madonna Harness is actually a magic projection system of sorts, enabling the female Yuke to achieve greater range.

Other than that, I don't have much to say about Crystal Chronicles yet.


I started playing Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask all over again, and I've realized that I still really love that game, despite what others may think of it. My past runthrough has provided me with much more courage this time around ... I'm already in Woodfall, though I hate poison water with a passion. I love Deku Scrubs.

jealdi is currently replaying Ocarina of Time ... another great game. Whenever I'm around, I usually sit nearby and give him random commands like "run into that tree." After he smacks into it, "oh, wait, not I guess it's not that one. Maybe it's when you're an adult."


My expressions crack me up sometimes. Apparently I was pretty amused afterwards, too.
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