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I am full of sad. Why are there increased numbers of people deleting their journals ...?

A new doodleicon has been made. This one is particularly momentous, because it is the one-hundredth doodleicon I have made since I began actively keeping this journal. (Sadly I cannot currently locate the first forty.) In honor of this really-not-important moment, I collected a few doodles and updated Hammerspace. I'm not entirely satisfied with some of the doodles I put up, so I may be taking them down in the near future ... look now to see a smarmy flying Link, or forever hold your peace!

As I sat (alone) at tutoring last night, I came to a sudden realization about what I used to yearn for. The "well, I got it, but I'm not happy with it" syndrome comes to us all sooner or later (and often more than once), and it happened to me right then and there - though not in relation to material goods. I remembered that when I worked at the museum years ago, I didn't like giving tours or working at the admissions desk, and I always hoped for a job with no people. As I sat (theoretically) waiting for people who would never show up, it dawned on me that I had totally gotten my wish! 'tis interesting that I am not happy with it.


I had a surprisingly difficult time beating Oldolwa, more or less because I showed up to the boss fight with approximately sixteen arrows and four bombs in total, and forgot all about the Bomb Flowers in the corners. GO ME. This resulted in me running in large circles muttering "Damn plagues ... damn plagues ...", screeching when rocks pummelled me out of the safety of the Deku Flower, and going "YARRRRGHHH!" while making suicidal stabbing attempts at Oldolwa's ankles. But I made it through, stuck the Deku Princess in a bottle, and went on with my life.

... which I am going to do again now. I hereby conclude this entry and attend to the matter of sleep. Thank you, and good night.

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