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Meltdown o' the Addict

Marvin is now at the computer doctor. I wished him off on his stay with a hopeful "Marvin, be well!!" and everybody within earshot laughed at me. Despite that, I still firmly believe that if folks can name their cars, boats, and other assorted inanimate objects, I can name my computer.

I can handle the lack of computer-age when I'm otherwise occupied with camping, cons, etc. ... but what about when I'm stuck at home? How long can I last without Photoshop, RO, my ... OOH CRAP I think I left a CD in a drive ... a precious CD! ::cries:: ... my favorites, my endless folders of photos to mess with ...


I think I'll probably be playing mucho Tactics. Dammit, I remember the days when I used to think, "what the heck is this stupid http:// stuff? I'll never be able to remember all that!"

I also bought 70$ worth of books (Damn expensive information!) for a depressing project on the effects of "horrific" photography. Depending on how much energy I expend on the effort, I'll either be bawling by the time I finish the paper on it, or just totally desensitized.

I'm really starting to dislike those thick black plastic "emo" style glasses frames. Mine aren't like that, are they? Humans are full of contradictions, though, so it wouldn't surprise me if I turned out to be wearing something that I disliked on others.

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