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I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Apparently, students who are enrolled in BA are permitted a maximum of 45 credits in art classes. I have already met this, and am in the process of violating "the school catalogue" by accumulating more.

I don't limit myself to art. Any glance at my transcript should prove that I am an independent spirit who takes what classes she pleases (for the most part), regardless of department. Almost all of my other requirements have been fulfilled. So what's the issue if I want to take more art classes?

But in good news, because I am so far ahead on credits, I can graduate in December if I so choose.

Thanks to online registration (without telling my advisor or the registrar's office, and of my own free will), I dumped my Commercial Art: Ad Agency class for a hard-to-grab one on Lord of the Rings. Woo diversity. (I'm not too sad about the Ad Agency class ... the professor doesn't give As and my GPA is seriously hurting as it is). Take that.

I hate you, Italian. I must study for your damned test tonight. BUT I WILL PASS. Mark my words, despite having already forgotten the rules of the reflexive and past tense, I WILL FORKING PASS THIS TEST! I am going to work for a C, which is, given my past academic history elsewhere, kind of sad.

When I think about Italian, something inside my head screams "you're so STUPID!" over and over again. "Have you become accustomed to mediocrity? Here's your taste of average. How do you like it?"

I am revolted, but too tired to change, unwilling to burn myself out again. There's gotta be another way to do well other than grades and "good works" for causes I don't connect with.

My tablet pen is still not here.

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