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got a little bubble effect goin' on

Updated: Hammerspace
With: Four "new" doodles, "Lifekill" photography from 04/21/03 (yes, 2003)

Updated: Cosplay.Linelike
With: Page Modifications and New Links

Progress: Escaflowne/Van Fanel site. Currently gathering material (a.k.a., taking prolific screenshots).

Searching around my extensive system of file folders that are supposed to induce organization but probably detract from such a goal (a trail like "/yadadayadada/wheeha/yarr/041604/" is a good example), I "rediscovered" an extensive collection of doodles that I meant to color and complete, but either never got around to or just never finished. Since I draw nearly every day in every class, I usually have an impressive backlog without adding these forgotten pieces. Finishing them will probably never happen. I wonder, incomplete as they are, are they worth uploading? I shall have to ponder more on this matter.

I hope we unload the high-fire kiln soon. My 24-inch pot is in there, and I can't wait to see how it turned out.

It is my sworn duty this weekend to make a good chunk o' progress on my "Perceiving Pain in Photography" paper, since I underwent the abrupt realization earlier that May is actually starting soon. For awhile it felt like April had no intention of ending! Other weekend goals include getting to the bank to deposit checks, conniving my way into writing a paper for research's sake, finding a place to live this summer, turning in tutoring timesheet whose purpose is currently unknown (despite the fact that I regularly tutor a strict five hours a week, paycheck amount seems to vary), reading my history of photo text, and looking up books on a dude who is obscure for a damn good reason.

In other recent news, New Beth and I were both surprised by a ninja squirrel ambush.

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