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Some people have sent me things to my school address ... the school has promised to forward mail to my home address, since the dorms are quite locked for the entire span of Winter Break, and not even a mailman could get in. But I haven't seen any evidence to back up their claim ... Nairohe-san sent me a package, and I haven't seen hide nor hair of that. I wonder if Bara-san has my home addie ... I should check ... I'll die if she sends Utena and Gackt stuffage to my school address and it gets stolen before I get back there in January. T__T;;

I was talking to Mag today, and suddenly there was a ring at the door. Thinking that it was, perhaps, a UPS man with a box, I went to answer the door (despite being in pajamas and bare feet). It turned out to be a repairman, who actually came early to fix the couch. So my mother calls next and tells me to keep him there until she gets back, and then my stepfather shows up and lets him go ... well, the couch at least is fixed. ^_^; It wasn't really much of an annoyance, except that I kind of didn't want to watch somebody take bajillions of staples out of a piece of furniture for a half-hour.

... can my father and my grandmother stop calling me every day now? I'm never going to pick up the phone again. x_x; I hate it when they call me every day. Sooner or later they're going to start calling me every hour ... ::shudders::

::sigh:: This is boring. I hate writing about these sorts of trivial things. >.>;;

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