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04 May 2004 @ 01:09 pm
the politics of sweets  
I have decided that I need to coordinate a "Chocolate Collection Committee" to monitor the amount of chocolate that I receive though gift channels. The CCC will then report to me, and make appropriate recommendations for amount of consumption in any given day so that no one may question the fairness of the use of gift chocolate.

The CCC will probably recommend that I stop eating chocolate in place of regular meals. "Yes," says the CCC, "you love chocolate, but eating SO DAMN MUCH OF IT AT ONCE can't possibly be GOOD FOR YOU."

It's finally kicking in how close the end of the year is. My current goal is to complete construction of the "Perceiving Pain in Photography" paper by Wednesday, which can be done if I keep myself on track. Hopefully. It's a bit easier to put together now that I have a (slightly) clearer and more focused direction ... and making the page limit won't be a problem. Yay for having an excuse to put pictures in papers!

Yesterday, I was all worried about finding good sources for the kimono paper (that I need to start) on such short notice (the teacher who I am writing the paper for was all dark and dramatic on the sorry state of our library's collection). I, however, went "HMM" and visited another professor who teaches the Modern Japan course amongst other things (and who happens to like me), asked if he had any books on "such and such about kimono," and ta-da! I HAVE FREE SOURCES. Rejoice!

I have two pieces and miscellaneous thumb pots remaining to glaze in Ceramics. I'm not particularly worried about the thumb pots ... I already have more done than I need, and these thumb pots are like Easter eggs ... once you let them out of your sight, you have to hunt to find 'em again (and sometimes you never do).

The two important pieces are in the bisque kilns, so as soon as they come out, I'll glaze 'em and hop 'em on over to the pile for the high-fire kilns ... I think we're having another firing later this week. Not entirely sure ... but as long as my favorite out of the set is done before school is out, I'll be happy.
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