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You people wrote over two hundred and sixty entries while I was at A-Cen! : o

I think I could consider Friday nuts. I arose early to face down my History of Photo final, and I survived the encounter - I completed the whole thing much faster than I had expected, more or less because my "Perceiving Pain in Photography" paper prepped me very well for the essay question on the final. (Speaking of that paper ... for as short and as direction-less as it was, she gave me an A! Go figure.) Afterwards, I raced back to the dorms and attempted to organize myself and my belongings for the marathon o' packin' ahead.

I hate moving. But once my families arrived, we moved in record time, finishing around twelve-thirty. It rained like a biznitch the entire time, and had the nerve to drain to a drizzle just as we finished - it was like, hey, rain! Stop being stupid! While you're at it, just stop entirely why don't ya??

Anyway, after finishing packing, we sent my father and my stepfather home with a majority of my stuff, and my mother and I headed towards the one and only A-Cen.

It seemed like a pretty short trip (admittedly I slept most of the way there). Though we weren't entirely sure where we were going, we noticed all the fans walking about and knew that we had to be close to Bryn Mawr, home of the Hyatt. Upon discovery of the location, we condensed my oberpacked self and proceeded to forget the water we had purchased specifically for use at the con. I hauled myself indoors. While wondering where the hell the front desk was (behind the escalators), I ran into erikadoor, and all was well. We dropped most of my stuff off in her room 'til we found etoileeyes, and we went over to the convention center to get me registered.

The entire registration process was kind of creepy. You had to walk down long halls of badly painted murals to get there, and once you arrived, you were faced with a long row of computers. There was no one to explain what to do, but I got it figured out - mostly. The first time I attempted to register, it gave me an error for putting a space between the parts of my first name (oh noes). The second attempt gave me a non-functioning page. A refresh gave me a number, with apparently five seconds to write it down before it self-destructed and took the page with it. Ok, I thought. It's time for the next step!

erikadoor and beverlyfaerie were kind enough to wait in line with me. When I got up to the desk, I discovered that my number was not actually my number, and my registration hadn't actually gone through the system at all. D'oh. Passing Go without collecting $200 and going directly to Jail, I returned to the row of computers. TRY THREE. I chose a different computer this time, got a number that was definitely my own, and was hustled back to the front of the line. There was success! I was a little impatient by this point, and refused to explain my nickname to the badge dude ("It's ... a name," I stuttered when asked. Sorry!) We left registration the same way we came, noting all the dead cats on the mural walls and the presence of Nixon in one of the painted cafes.

Somehow (my memory fails me), we found etoileeyes, and got most of my stuff moved out to the proper room. We stayed in 521, which I thought was very cool - I turn 21 on 5/21, in the 21st week of the year, yo! Time passed. Stuff happened. (I recall squealing over Zidane at this point.) Somewhere around this point, a group of us walked to Giordano's. This was a longer walk than we expected, but despite the chill and the mist, I think we had a good time. This evening saw the creation of G-Butta the J-rock band, Gerbil Butter L.L.C., and the most proportionally-correct water tower cosplay.

After we got back, we hung out for awhile. erikadoor, jezeroth, and I went upstairs to the oh-so-secret 27th floor of the tower to practice our skit. (I still have the music stuck in my head, days later.) I bounded around and was introduced to Jan Scott-Frazier, who was carrying a very cute bag that garnered many compliments. I acted like a penguin whenever anyone came around, supposedly to disguise the meaning of our skit.

... I think more stuff happened on Friday evening, but I can't quite recall. I snuck into the room sometime around one-thirty in the morning, and that concludes Friday's summary. I'M SORRY I STOLE THE COVERS!
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