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ye olde acen report

I started off Saturday with a Fudge Round, which is probably the worst thing I did all con. I regretted that Fudge Round almost immediately after eating it, for it caused me to feel super-sick for about an hour and a half.

I left our room early to make sure that I could once again locate erikadoor's room. Because my memory was more capable than I gave it credit for, I wound up arriving waaaaay too early in the morning. I sat around and read the free newspaper outside of the door (it must've not been too impressive ... all I remember of it was the story on horse racing). After awhile (still feeling siiiick), I knocked on the door and gained admission into the room. People were still sleeping, so I hung out and watched a bit of TV with those who were conscious.

After erikadoor woke up, we got into Zidane and Garnet. I did not wear my glasses for Zidane (except for a short stint in the dealer's room ... what's the point of going to the dealer's room if you can't see what they're dealing?), which made Saturday morning/early afternoon kind of interesting.

Normally, when I'm not sure if people are calling to me or not, I look to other clues like eyes and gesture. But when I'm not wearing my glasses, I can't forking see eyes at all! I survived Saturday morning with guesswork and erikadoor grabbing my attention.

My first tree-climbing experience!

Give a monkey a sword ...

Her dress was really damned gorgeous. I did my darndest to protect her train, at times having to push otaku slightly to prevent a definite full-weight step on it. I did enough stepping on my own part, the train didn't need any more additional woe!

We wound up not doing the Masquerade, and though we were kind of disappointed, we all decided that it was for the best to put it off until a later con. As I remembered from 2k1, the ACen masq audience is very scary and rude.

After awhile, erikadoor and I changed out of Garnet and Zidane. I went and put on my RO merchant with new collar action, and proceeded to get into a large fight with my wig. It was feeling angry with me for transporting it to the con in such a rude manner, and I was not feeling cooperative with it. Our argument ended as it normally does ... "I am NOT dealing with you," I said, and I threw it down onto the bed. Despite having super-wig hair from Zidane, I went out anyway. (It got a bit better over time, but of course people took pictures when it was at it's flattest. /pif)

I ran into this photographer dude who was taking pictures of people as characters but not the characters themselves. (Hrm ...) I had to ditch my pink bag o' doom for him, but was allowed to keep the Fancy Flower on my head. He wanted me to be serious in expression, and I tried my darndest ... but I was all too conscious of the bright red tulip sticking out of my cranium. Serious my arse! XD

Yes, the pink bag is an essential part of female merchant-dom. I gave a few jellopies out (those are worth three whopping zeny people, keep 'em close), and met magiust. I also ran into a couple of folks from ragnarokonline, which was kind of trippy, but cool! /pif

This particular ACen is the first con I've eaten well at (aside from the miserable Fudge Round in the morning). We went out to a fancy-ish restraunt with bad music on Saturday night, and because I was feeling lazy (and was fairly comfortable), I did not change out of costume. (I'm sure I made a wonderful impression.) The shrimp bisque at that place was lovely. *_*

I think I did wind up changing afterwards, though. I hung out at the table for awhile, attempting to pass out cards and guarding Al's table while he hopped off and took pictures. Sometime around one-thirty I again crept off and conked out in the room. And that's (what I remember of) Saturday!
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