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The Panera Bread Conspiracy

The town matters not. The time is of no concern. If a family member or I step into a Panera Bread, we will invariably find someone that we know. The other day I ran into not one, but two professors, both of whom know me well enough to recognize me and wave. I am starting to fear Panera Bread. Is there something in the soup??

The trip back to school with my father was relatively painless, aside from the complete lack of air-conditioning in the car and the sheer heat of the sun. I never thought a Kentland gas station could be such a wonderful place of refreshment, nor that I would ever anticipate being at such a place, counting down the distance with each milemarker.

The hot water here is turned off 'til some time on Friday (theoretically). If we wish to take a hot shower, there are posters telling us to call any of the listed four anonymous numbers of folks in another dorm. The other day, I made the rather inane mistake of attempting to reach one of these strangers in the morning, and (of course) reached no one. Determined to cleanse myself no matter the temperature of the water, I braved the dreaded "cold shower." It is fortunate that no one else was up at that hour.

I just bought a whole hugearse roll of chickenwire today. If papier-mache fails me, I'll go out into the countryside and wrap up some chickens.

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