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I am the whale's best friend.

Since Spaghettios and ramen grow old to the tastebuds after a week or so, I'd been thinking hard about real food (anyone who has talked to me on RO has had to listen about my yearnings for filet mignon, egg noodles, shrimp bisque, cheesecake, and a variety of other tasties that put microwavable items to shame). I had been planning on treating myself to Chinese, and last night I finally got around to it. In the plaza that I walk to for groceries, there is a little Chinese place ... I ordered a little something, walked home, turned a bucket upside down to use as a table, and proceeded to have the most savory meal I've had in awhile. (I enjoyed it so much, I even ate the broccoli and carrots.) They forgot to put snow peas in, but damn. It was still wonderful, real rice and everything.

Having that put me into a really good mood, and I am debating making this an event for every other week or so. The dish I got cost under 5$, so it wouldn't really kill me, I don't think.

Note to self: remember to make a list when you go to the grocery store. I had meant to get peanut butter, but was instead swayed in favor of Nutella. I am once again addicted to this substance.

Yesterday, I noticed a great influx of people on campus. Safety and Security was even forced to make an announcement over the P.A. to have people move their cars if they were finished unloading. Unloading, eh? It could only be that more people were moving in! I was curious - who were these folks, why were they here, and more importantly, where were they eating??

Today I got my answers. Apparently there is a show choir camp of sorts on campus this week, and though I do not look forward to daily encountering high schoolers who think they are the bomb, I do look forward to having a hot meal from the cafeteria sometime this week. I never thought I'd be happy about a school cafeteria being open, but here I stand going "woo-hoo!"

While walking back to the office after taking a set of pictures at the messy arts building, a show choir mom/teacher/enforcer complimented me on my color-coordination. The fact that there is so much purple in my wardrobe means that something matching is inevitable (my umbrella matched my shirt), but I tried my best to make the appropriate small talk. She made a comment about the one hill on campus, saying that it must be "interesting" 'round slick December. Perhaps I am simply used to more snow (and I have never fallen outdoors ... only inside), and thus I didn't think it was that interesting during December at all. I spoke of the autumn mud instead, and she didn't say much after that.

Nutella. Mmm. Back to work with me.

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